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Hand Scraped Floors At Hardwood Direct

This section features hardwood floors that are distressed by craftsmen, using only hand tools. Hand scraped floors were the norm in the days when woodworking machines for sanding were not yet invented. The hand scraped floors from our suppliers capture the same rustic allure by using special tools. You can create the color and look you want that highlights the wood floors’ character. The reproduction of a natural worn look in wood floors is difficult and has become an art mastered by very few. At Hardwood Direct, you’ll find the kind of wood floor boards where each is a masterpiece.

Each Of The Wood Floor Boards Is Unique

The wood floor boards offered by our suppliers are worked on board by board. As a result, your hardwood floors are really distinctive and can be customized to your specific requirements. You can make sure you get the exact color you want in your wooden floors. These types of wooden floors are painstakingly hand scraped by craftsman to replicate the look of worn wood floors that can only be found in older classic homes.

Antique Allure At Your Feet

Hand scraped floors are the only way to get the aristocratic look of old wood in any room. If you’re looking for a way to bring warm sylvan appeal into your home or office, these hardwood floors are your answer. These wood floor boards give an authentic look that is hard to achieve with regular wooden floors. Click on a logo

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